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Nunya Tend Those
Gold bars for paper weights
Silver linings settlement
Metal Mario run around in element
Scoop coins and stock hits
Dodge fan comments
Set back the release date for the helluvit
Fair trades the past we swallow the competition
Kirby derby submission
Links in the past and Wii remission

Anime Be I’m Old
Cannonbal crunch orange blush ragga
Pumpkin jagga Lion-O saga
Cheetara tiara lays dead on the stone temple
Gatchaman pilots into the dead zone
Walken dead man burst at the seam sown
Scarecrow sacs jumbled in fear grown
Terror incarnate bodily harm come
Juggling chainsaws while Jason comes home
Drowning pool death not enough for the sequels
And none of the squeakquels
Embarrassing cash flows
Kids buy anything with tie in to McDonalds
Makes me uncomfortable
So easily malleable
Chibi alloys melting for the construction
They play with their hearts and get alien instruction
The demonic ad men and corporate consultants
They train Big Debbie to spoil the children
Give em the tablets no more of them train sets
Apps for the learning and digital content
Those fast talking tube kids
Those animated game feeds
Freemium bundles cuddle cool kids
It’s all as they describe
You buy them for better life
These kids seem so deprived
It’s a wonder they’re not absorbed in second life
Merge with the onedrive the cloud in the floating sky
Whimper in the winter and get an xmas prize

Man Points
Fraternities eternally
Marky mark in the bunches
Profit in the jungle
Vietcong crouches
Cold crush saga line up the fancies
Jewels spread out in arms length appendage
Diamond cut slash and burning
Burnin and lootin
Trifling and fooling
The babies need dads not aloofness
Sucker punch skunks love em and leave em
Little Pepes smooth operator operating correctly
The manly faded
Men retreated
Boys with toys and guns celebrated
Casualties overrated and dissipated
The art of words tossed for the sacred
Golden guns license for fun
Mean on the run looking for shelter
Once giants now Lilliputian
Little men green with the sickness
Greed lust and vice
Triple threat killin this

The young ones eyeing candy looking phat dandy
Rockin them royals with style so handy
Wannabe iron men wanna be Tony Montana
Big Soprano grandeur lapping up the fanfare
Peacocks in the club dashing for the Patrón
Gold silver hiccups eyeing CEO throne
Big ballers writing checks cooking books
Cold crash hit get off the hook
Thrown in the hole for selling a dime
Bankrupt the economy no miss tee time
More lawyers for the greasy wheel
More athletes for distraction
This an uphill battle sell my soul for some traction

I see another Enlightenment
Revolution retirement after last score
One more job for the desolate hoard
Pitchforks and torches
Wifi and hack kits
Break the breakers and watch the watchmen
Nobody’s getting another Manhattan
These ornery blue men
These tired hued men
Caught in the hustle with patience wearing thin
Told you to stop you ain’t listenin
Bombs over Tehran
Blasts in Paris
Rifles in the US
Which ones the terrorists
Afraid of all of them
No restraint with the grey haired faulty men
Best laid plans of the micey men
Following the cheese and we all stand alone
Should’ve eloped with the dish and the spoon
Fairy tale life in Skyrim castles
Fusrah the enemy and make ivory cathedrals
You make the return trip
The house of worship
I’m naughty by nature and flip the script
No more acting we directing and turning tricks