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I worked at a meat packing plant, I call it the slaughterhouse. Although I’m vegan now after seeing too much and reading too much about the weird shit the farm factories and food industry does to animals back then I was carnivore rex. I used to make up meat songs in my youth, and spank meat at the grocery store, alone because no one would do it with me, humans and their social graces and mores. I even got a huge meat poster from the place and tried to memorize the beef cuts so I would seem meat learned.

But that time there, months of night and then day shifts, slowly moving away form people and social situations, the longest I had worked at a place. Made friends, had an okay time just aching for the 12 hour shift to be over. Day after day I would see the pools of blood on the floor needing to be hosed down every other minute, slabs of pink flesh everywhere devoid of life, I saw the cows come in and wait out there overnight until morning glory death. They looked like poor slaves to me from a distance, big shining eyes looking vacant and unaware, maybe they knew their fate, could sense it as animals do.

I’d patrol the upper areas of the building where all the big husks of animal parts were strewn about on giant hooks, dangling pathetically there without dignity, I guess there is no dignity in a dead body, any body. I Rocky’d a few of the cow slabs because how could I not. Just rows and rows of hanging bodies of various animals being dragged around for the whole process of it all. Air bullet death, slicing and separating, packing and shipping massive amounts in big trucks driven by don’t give a shit drivers, some of them had good weed though. One time I was asked to check on them after hours and we smoked up and had cheap lucky beer, 1 dollar a can. That Jamaican weed makes me paranoid, thought one of them was a cop at my window.

I could handle it then, now it’s too grotesque and watching those behind the scenes videos or reading about the inner workings and the lax oversight is soul sucking. I can’t even really enjoy meat anymore or eggs, I cheat every now and then like with cigarettes but the taste is so average, nothing special anymore just fleshy bits that smell good but leave me blarg. Everyone else can eat what they want but I am not supporting that crazy weird torturous gulag freak show. I’ve seen some animals at an experimental farm in Ottawa and they’re just massive stock being milked and fattened up for the market, there ain’t no pinky toes anymore.

Blood and sweat drops
Blood and sweat drops
Yesterday’s labor is fading
Wait for new builds on display
Revel in future of the obsolete
Machine madness takes hold today
Masses market nonstop harvest
Animal farm is a capitalist dream
Money is better than the humane