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Rude crude wassa wassa attitude
Breaka break rules me so smooth
Runnin that rap game
Runnin that dance game
We all major we in your face
We so bossin flossin no disgrace
No no shame no no humility
Everything we do is right
We bad hos and players
Bitch I’m Madonna

Makeover models
Nosejobs and contours
Flash in the pan we all eatin good
Drakin that pimp game
Minajing the madams
All rude boys and girls take over
All fresher than Hova
Can’t get enough of it
Fast fame we lovin it

Badass with attitude
All over dem wifi tubes
Digital content with millions of views
Everyone craving something new
Sell that ass sell that beat
Pump it up bass so sweet
Paper stacks fancy cars
All those glitter scars
Make it fake it eat it up
Get your hoard till time is up
Platinum sales and ovations
Bitch I’m a supersatr