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Jibber jabber in the head all the talks be endless. Daydreams and screams run roundabout this creeping carousel, creep squeak, shifty shafts bending in the wind with the shadow close behind. Zafon fun never matter. Blibbity blabber goes on the closed circuit, right round like a record on the AB repeat. Solitude solace having tea conversations with contrarian me and myself, filled headspace awash in drifting droning voices crashing on the brain wave. Attention redux, flummoxed and stuffed to the thrills with crosstalk crosswalks. Criss Cross make a game of it, you take mine away I’ll take yours. Let magic hands rub the temples to ease the aching croaker.

Nonstop chatter all they do is blather to isolate me further; doses of psychosis and melodrama trauma. Splitting myself in quadrants to fit in four dimensions. Hellraiser stuck in cycles driving deep with hooks aplenty, ripped skin animal dangling loverly amid the dungeon company. Smoky voices and blackened faces whisper forgotten dreams and names of lost identity, scraggled hair, bitten teeth, sallow eyes look fixedly at chubby hubby not yet wasted. Locked away in dusky world high in castle sinister, steal my thoughts at bedtime.

No sleep no cold. Too much heat and thought process wiling away the hours in batty mid night foolery. Send me a hypnotoad to drag me from the fiery furnaces, licking flames and piercing ghosts in this cruddy machine. Mind over matter, mind fall apart, lose sanity loose sanity, twerking Gumby slipping through. Beneath the sheets among the tweets, birdies tell me what to do. Inner peace fight for calm, meditate the aberrations into soothing lullabies. Want the baby sleep and rest for the wicked, runaway imagination needs to be put to death.