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To dance around in your lovely bones
To curl up with your sleepy voice
Crags and crusts in outer world
Smooth and silky within
Peanut butter and marmalade
Bittersweet lunchbox with the garbage pail kids. Hungry for love but hunger for the hell of it, need machine wanting want wantingly, the human condition bubbling up for recognition. A smouldering, heavy scar burned into the black blue skin of deceased warriors. Clans and clashes lay siege to beseech the ruler’s good graces. Just a man. Avuncular spectacular magnanimous man. All that glitters placed on the head, heavy brows for consternated relics humbugging usurpers and sloshing with the wine and meats. Garish robes and throny splendour, awash in mens’ adoration, sync up disdain amid the chorus, singing fools with patriot’s game. All hail heil hell on Earth in slumber. The deep scars throttle the airs with prideful ambition; revolution, resistance, rising tide quench the hunger of mealy masses wanting more.

Fickle workers and grubby hands brush away the spiteful spoon. Wooden oppressor smacks the lot round bout treats and treason, no mo soup for youse. Black death black soot, Poppins sweepers on the roof, chippy chaps on the loose. Clean the country clean the mind, sweep the streets of ugly mankind. War goes under, violence over, society mismatch, the apes take over. Furry fists and gnashing teeth, bone meal plenty and bloody meat, damnable cannibal run on all feet. Master mammals learn timidity alongside simian frivolity. Down we go for the new world colony.