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Many Mad Hatters having their tea.

It’s so bizarre and absurd that police officers can commit such excessively violent and demented acts and don’t get fired right off but office workers get canned for stealing some pens or faking sick days or whatever. What is this reverence we’re supposed to have for mediocre macho men in uniforms who can’t handle being talked back to and can flip on you like a twoface. Big linebacker men rag dolling little girls and arresting them for no legitimate reason. And we have arguments about use of force training and proper education for these people? I don’t believe you need training not to be a psychopathic asshole, maybe I’m old fashioned but aren’t real men supposed to have restraint and control over their base primal urges? We have violent, badly managed little boys romping around in blue shields protected by the blue wall and defended by bitter people who have never had to face police violence or intimidation.

Blind eyes every way amid the fog of war. And this is turning into a war. It seems people actually want race wars, religious wars, martial law and order justification. We have no other avenue to these little minds but separation, division, suppression and hierarchy. Always the us vs. them mentality; xenophobic paint washing the town red in rigid bigotry, hate mongering trends ramping up the bass as we’re clubbed to death. Humans continue to make the same errors but with more technology and binding laws. People fear the mentally ill and think their safety is at risk but the ones in power who pretend to be sane are the real danger. Their arms reach wide in this world of lunacy. It would be great if this all was just a hologram and this was just some beta level to be tested out but what is this, insanity clouds? Is this like mice going mad and violent in times of overpopulation and overcrowding? Are we suffering from the fallout of abundance and prosperity or is this some new sickness inhabiting our minds and bodies? Many Mad Hatters having their tea in reverie and soylent glee.