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You say you have the way, you are right in your actions and religious zeal. But you have a negative philosophy and you think you know people but you cast a wide net. You place so many people as so called “infidels” into your little boxes and compartmentalize the damage and hurt you inflict on their lives and their families. Connections and whole existences are broken and shattered by your groups’ hands, histories are being eradicated due to your human negation and this never ending crusade against vague enemies in the distance. You become what you espouse to hate and what your god dislikes and in your actions you create the same sensibilities and feelings in us. What others don’t realize is we all become our worst enemies, nobody dies a hero, you have turned us into terrorists looking at the bottom line and accepting this collateral damage and planetary destruction.

Each year brings more callousness and ramped up battlefronts, each season adds to the blood toll for the sake of the greater good, an end to evil that will never be. Everyone likes to say we should learn from history, wisdom wills out, but what do we learn and take into us with the big picture? We take revenge, we torture and kill for the ends justify the means, old wars turn into new causes turn into patriotic fervour, the eagle snatches the goat. Our more dire concerns relating to our world and survival are overshadowed by bullies and short-sighted men taking each others pawns in a worldwide game theory scenario. We know better, there is no winning there is only limited escapes and the least losses taken, but you do not take them, our government does not take them, we do, we take all the pain and suffering onto ourselves and battle with our bloodlust and anger.

Injustice is everywhere and none of us have real answers or solutions. We bathe in bitterness and writhe in our false promises and predation; there is no going back from murder, all the acted apologies and prayers, all the speeches about missions and duties is a pathetic excuse for moral degradation and primal reactions. War, politics and religion is the three-headed beast that claims to solve our problems while creating more and placing all of us on the sidelines into the fray, to defend our right to exist. You, our leaders, our fellow citizens, have rushed us headlong into arenas of distrust, paranoia, and constant fear. And for what? an idea! The ideas that populate you world, your twisted minds and fantasies, the idea that you and your ilk know better and know what our species must do. How we must act, dress, talk to each other. Who’s version of 1984 are we going to have? When is everyone’s life going to be their own? When will you leave us be and stop pretending you have answers?

There are no answers, only being, so just be.