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We got one life as said by Nas but so many chances
Hallowed deck of cards just there for the grabbing
What to choose when the innocence is fading
Damned if you do damned if you don’t
Simpsonian rhapsody but the truth hurts
Bohemian queen lost in the concrete jungle
Swinging through hoops and bounds
Leg race rat race hurdles unbound
Tethered to a dead weight but some got Red Bull wings
Jerking pulling kilos cross the Earth
Custom bust for trafficking baggage
Crass excuses and pain so average
But they glom onto me
Grok me merrily
Sup on my blood and spit bones nightly
And I’m on the IV
Wasted on saline
Withered body just pre-failing
Need the busta juice need the morphine absolution
Add to the confusion, addiction solution
Wonder drug wonder guard wonderland trips
Skip skip to my loo and have some lovely fits
Breakdown makeover make lovers soul brothers
Pipe up, calm down, left right AB hadouken
Blast the formidable men
Accomplished tycoon
Mogul typhoon
All I need is one mic and some zen
You give me two turntables and a microphone
I holler back Beck you turn it into Cake
Look to me still crumbs on my face
Don’t turn down don’t turn up
Drifter knows no place to camp
Just a wild card living by chance