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Yearning for the connection but fear the entanglement.  Push the pullers off the edge and run from the cliff. Huxtable hug stable, be nimble be quick, dodge charges of affection before rejection. Abandonment issues wrapped in cherry pie dreams stuffing fat face with paranoid filling. Keep away while red rover drones over, common stock emotionality imbuing social bonds. Abed me let me be let me be me alone me mi. Soft song sung in empty nights, howls converging from shut mouth dissipating into moonlight. Rudderless, partnerless, less is more, more is bliss? Will I chance the love game, will I suffocate? Will I tackle goals or will the crowd tackle me? Crushed from under, from beneath it devours, asphyxiate on heart in sleeve, bloody jersey.

Doing dishes in dim kitchen
Next room dark
Flicker TV
Silent house
Community housing
Welfare dependent
Sick head stay inside
Job paralysis
Sink floor floor good
Safe good
Dark, quiet
Buzz brain
Lie face down
Inside stay warm
Night, still
Peace no attack
No one