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I lay awake and force the whip
To make apace and deliver quip
My creator spark is on the slip
I need a jolt for just a tick

And when all is said and done
And I’ve passed another dry run
When I’ve sated the sober tongue
And expelled the leaden lung

The muses leave me restless
And I must find a new temptress
This writer’s block is so endless
Must I pray and all repent this

Lord you leave me all in shambles
Atheismo throws me into brambles
Every other just a gamble
Maybe need the new age sample

Healing light and color wheels
Fall for gimmicks and the zeal
Speak of nothing that is real
Fiction be the appeal

And I’ve gotten something out
Some sense has escaped my mouth
I may not be any devout
But at least I have one thing to shout

I must express what’s deep inside
Where tender bitters do reside
And sensi feelings try and hide
And vanity must show its pride

If I create I’m better spent
My moodiness came and went
Or rather morphed into a vent
And now I be an empty gent