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Mr. Denali and Mr Habibi share a room with a view.
They walk in three paces in so many places and always two by two.
They have many sides, they’re real mental cases.
They scare little ones with gruesome two faces.
Red poker tongues and a rotating look.
They outshine even the Babadook dook dook.
They’re rather bizarre and severely unbalanced.
They gut pets and friends, it’s their way of parlance.
You’ll wake up to find them in heated dispute.
Slipping into a sister skin suit.

A night on the town they Heckle and Jeckle.
And relish the tramps they get for a shekel.
They’re spotted dick and crabby crotched.
Disease will spread if they’re not watched.
They bring out a plague without all the horses.
And brush you with death with all of their coarseness.
Rude and immoral their manners deplorable.
Filthy and toxic their stench so horrible.
They sleep in your bed, they poison your waters.
And soon you will find your town has more daughters.

They’ve seeped into your life and into your dreams.
But nothing is ever quite what it seems.
For today you believe them wretched and vile.
But tomorrow you may greet them with a smile.
The truth is their money is what supports you.
So watch them prance two by two.