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The market and food production is the way it is now. For us to continue doing business we need to be competitive, we need to adopt all these practices that modern farmers use to stay in the game. Antibiotics, artificial insemination, selective breeding, caging and penning, all to increase our yield and continue to do business, keep our way of life. It would be nicer for the animals and our sense of self if we tried a different way, went back to the old ways, but if we don’t make profits the bank takes it all, no more farm, all industrial mass production everywhere. And if we changed gears and adopted a more humane approach the costs would be higher, the labour more intensive and longer waits for output, we’d have to charge more for our product and our customer base wouldn’t tolerate that, they’d just go somewhere else with their dollar. There is no loyalty anymore, you can’t force people to buy humane when our lives are run by economics. Our guiding principles used to be morals, at least that’s what we told ourselves, now it’s security and sound finances to buffer us from ruin and poverty. What can you do in this new world without the money? This isn’t some fairy tale dream of your great grandpa making it with a hay penny and a can-do attitude in the burgeoning world of spit shine hopes and dreams. People are separated from where their money goes and comes from. They can’t keep track of all the things they passively support and what horrors they subsidize, this globalization is the fog of war and we’re just infantry. What can we do to change the world’s turns? What can I do to make ends meet when the ends are all programmed in narrow margins?