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With the tip of her smile and the wink of her lashes
I adore her
With beauty and grace no longer commonplace
I adore her
She bests me with charm and a warmth to regard
A shining crystal and one wants a shard
To be in her presence and not gush is haaard
If nothing else I’ll say
I adore her

She brims with laughter and indulges my stories
She looks so amused and doesn’t say I’m boring
She asks me to dance and who knows who’s leading
I’ll spend all my life with she so endearing
And never once change my mind
I adore her

She’s gentile with manners but she punches like Rocky
Don’t displease her
So funny and sweet and always discrete
Can you believe her
With no airs and no cares she never despairs
She picks up her weight but she’s no au pair
As soon as I met her it was a mad affair
There’s one thing that I can attest
I adore her

When all’s said and done she’s really an angel
If we could capture time and just stand still
There’s nothing better my desires are simple
If I had my way we’d have infinite sequels
There’s no one else who even comes close
I adore her