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Ay, it is so charming. So loverly is this
His lips, her eyes, the masculine and feminine
And in between and mix of two and all too human
The love of sex and romance, and kiss of bliss

We love each one, we love em all
Their tales are wrapped in candor
And nothing wrong if our interest does meander
We’re curious and slightly piqued, we lust after the Fall

And as we partner, as we embrace
We are reminded of our cause
To rid the world of ignorance and accept all our flaws
The goal now, the method how, the need for safe space

We brush with hate, we dull our canvas
We hear rebuts of symmetry
The natural, the moral and all that’s rubbishy
The only thing we ask is that you stand with us

The gay lovers, the fruitful straights
Let not the sin of omission
Nobody is worthy of such strong derision
So let us be free, to choose our own mates

Your beliefs may be appealing
But they reckon not my heart
The Book may be fine for you, but at this we must depart
Your pages do but cut me, and disregard my feeling

I say to you I wish you well
And hope you return the favor
May be your life is for your saviour
But for me it’s turned to Hell

Let us in peace, let us love and live
You’ve had your time and run
We wish for no more hiding, to bask in the sun
On open ears we hope to land this missive