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Dancing in the moonlight with a devil in his horns
Bad man don’t come around until he’s called upon
Hungry dogs aren’t bad they just need to pick a bone
The pets of the great trickster howl for the moon

All Hallows Eve and spirits depart
Their ghostly remnants leave a mark
The night refrains and ravens hark
Death be nimble in these parts

And you’ll outrun the horseman
Through bridge and tunnel you save your skin
The pumpkinhead the slave of men
But be wary of your children

The creeping death, the hands of fate
Come for you when it’s late
And your heart and breath abate
Your soul to keep, soul to take

Black shadows don your ghastly face
The stench is ripe and such distaste
You haunt the home your former place
And spread your wings in eerie space

The dance has ended, the fiddles done
Each side scores but who has won
The heavens tremble, the hell caves in
The victor holds the souls of sin