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Higgledy piggledy pork pie chops
Stuff em in your mouth like lollipops
Savory sweet from jowl to teat
Drenching with the drippings from porcelain meat

Yabba yumma doodle dum
Abba zabba waxy treat
Pink and fleshy bubblegum
Skank and sour is its deceit

Whobody nobody everybody shamebody
Cover cover dress the girl quick
No no no to skin and peek
Hide the breasts hide the fun
Shameful to show your cunnnnn nah, I won’t say that

Tiffle trifle berry biteful
Meat and veg lunch in bed
Hold the pickle slap and tickle
Smear the body smush the bread
Hug the tail lick the head
Munch the muffin nibble nips
Add a third swig the hips
Down the hatch hands slip

Calm and coolie with the junkin punie
Billy drawl the Barbitol
Swallow pills to chase the demon
In the deep searching for specters
Howling hounds and starving dogs
All alone and Oz is home
Mad chatter screaming laughter
Porpoise purpose blubber up
Sweat and tears and fisticuffs
Bad dreams terror flashing
Flashback no tack ticky tavi
Crusty blue teeth chomping ears so sweet
Diamonds in your mind crunch coal cuts
Cataract fears drum up act one
Alone. Darkness there with the whip
Raven someone vultures carry on
Drip drip. Blood faucets whispering
Papa can you hear me?
If I was a rich man, family man, death man
Chaka chakka scissor hands scythe heads off
Pale skin, no eyes, stretched flesh on mangled skull
Nightmare creep slinks out mind frame
Walking towards me don’t come near me tastes me breathes on me whisky cologne
Why for why feel why me see he
Open closet find me hiding quietly
Stop breath, he’s near, floor creaks at the door
Heart jumping jack mouth open with fear
Curl up Sonic ball. I see the rings, one on the finger
He puts the other ones inside. Shouldn’t be there
Hairy hands down there breathe heavy
Memory closes. Black screen funny feeling
Tummy ache blues
Candyman come