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C’mon man, don’t you realize the fascist monopoly game going down in this world?! The Republicans and Conservatives are manipulating consciousness and truth with black money and augmented mental rays and frequencies. They’re brainwashing our minds but they’re also sending signals to the mind-altering parasites in our bodies to make us submit to their neofascist statist agenda. The same kind of parasites that makes mice and rats want to be eaten by cats are inside us slowly eroding our minds and influencing us to kneel down before the tyrannical Zionist consumerist demagogic war machine. Look at the TVs, the radio, the online media, the negative vibrational frequencies are increasing and being beamed into our skulls to rid us of free will and prepare us for takeover. The Kashistes and the Anunaki are returning for world domination and the plans have been implemented for decades. The subconscious messaging and symbolism of our culture have inculcated us into obedience and revering authority. Why do you think the suit and tie are symbols of respect and professionalism? The message is we must all restrict ourselves, imprison our bodies in uniforms of subjugation and lock ourselves up in the bars of the business world. Business dictates everything, corporations own our modes of life and any and every technology available. They’re all watching and listening, all the devices and communications are tapped and fed into the machine. There are no humans, just information for the machine.