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Pinball ridiculous
Axe splitter meticulous
Rage in the game cuz my spitshine serious
Came up with broncos chauvinist
Talk smack like Eddie Murphy delirious
Not tryin to be that or this Mr. Mighty MC
Up to me I’d rhyme for free in the streets preachin
Gospel according to the opinionated
Sick of politics my beef is dated
Sick of fools, I slagged and waited
End of employment I couldn’t take it
Gave up the paper chase for the hell of it
Mentally unfit, personal delinquent
Rob myself of the currency I get
Stuck in a hustle, playin dice with ashy knuckles
It’s deplorable, horrible, meager penance forgivable
Should fake my death and get a convertible
Midlife crisis early then I’m settled
Payin the piper with debts regrettable

That’s asking too much of it
High life we so covet
I pretend I’m above it but really in love with it
Try to be Buddha but brother gotta have it
Capitalist habit
Shake it off but it grabs back
Taylor Swift I try it but I’m no adorable idol
Dimples and eyeful
Barbie waist and toothful
Give all the awards the booty bitch get hateful
Media represent the Marilyns
Blue eyes and fairer skin
No need for Africans go back to what’s happenin
Pushed into margins the header is the starlet
And where are the brown skins
Lighted up bollywood heroines
Got a lot of desi but we need Sri Lankans
All we got of the dark is Mindy Kaling
Big white lies we inhaling
Cover up covergirl on the daily
Melanin men gotta act so proper
We representin the whole order
Suits and ties like “we ain’t no porters”
But may be exaggerate
Can’t tell the twisted fate
Future looks bright better not blink past it