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Scream and holla for tha black maula
Vicious hound eat up tha squala
Pull up tha people wave that dolla
Down in da valley of mighty Allah

Black boots black guns on brown
Denizen beat down in Kurds town
Move ya ting make way for tha prince
Buffoons trumpet Trump I wince

I against I back up to da wall
Lord forgive us for Zion fall
Flesh o da sinnerman strung up tall
Pocalypse come for us all

Blood in da streets in da leaves
Red court black death no leave
Chain fence big wall we no leave
Instatution instant indecent no leaves

I see the tip drill comin for da holy land
Eat ya scones while drones scourge da land
Axis of da west makin monopoly plans
Sell your house ya soul and ya badlands

Rus colored in da desert travelin
Mercs come fo da spic and span
Clean out the undesired man
Middle east mall new plan

Lil boxes lined up so tight
Gentrify it feel so right
Make tha desert bloom white
No mo arabian nights

No bread no butta in the lan of Calcutta
We alls people we call ya brudda
No relief cept bust a nutta
Too many peeps rich minister sputta
Send ya to Dubai to get ya cutta
Trapped in debt clingin for da suppa
Still no bread for coolie brudda

Passport taken no way out
Stuck in hell but shut ya mouth
Mobster contract emirate clout
Dog days fo global south

Ma people locked up and starvin
We eatin good no Marvin
Got toys and tings we ain’t leavin
Call us anchor babies who deceivin

Put da hurt on da goat and crisis averted
Blame us when we da ones converted
We brought da culture we feel deserted
Build up ya country then get deported

Read da news like we some convicts
We be honest you da sadists
Grind every day thought we safest
Now we bad call us rapists

Empire fallin Zion callin
We get ta shelter when it fall in
New chocolate city we hailin
Beige society for da takin
Let’s live up to the sapien sapien
Come together now like brethren