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Petty petulant prime minister dragging country in the mud of past generations progress.
Lightweight opposition versus righty tighty dogmatism.
Blather and words just acrimonious symbolism.
Children wailing for power with six figures bank.
Evidence mounts of fraud and corporate collusion cronyism.
Pay the busy business man to trash the land.
Subsidize industry while overlooking poverty.
First Nations and welfare systematic dilution.
Conservative waters drowning sense and pragmatism.
Data and facts lost on paternalistic narrow scope submarines.
StatCan overhaul with blind sight and pathetic answers.
Prorogue duets to hide the fact sheet.
Throw out the evidence with an age old law.
Governor general consent to mockery democracy.
Useless queen appendage waving for tradition.
Tepid political market against the complaining apathy horde.
Complicity in warheads and drone strikes money well spent.
Bombardier gets a taste without competitive bidding.
Dull eyed grey frop top making officious demands.
Micomanage warlord setting his empire.
Laughable contemptible environmental record.
Trickle down ecosystem for future tots.
Emissions setbacks and paltry targets.
Mining industry blind eye dirty water disaster.
Pipe plans bulldozing communities into the waste.
Tarsands choking the natives into black death.
Corrosion of a people from the outside in.
Blue fish dead fish ecoterror accomplice.
Tax breaks for moneymen scurrying to hide the loot.
Little spineless rats gobbling green cheese and ordering more cuts.
Slice the jobs cut the pay.
Temporary workers and job-creation job cut paradox.
Action plan billboards everything’s fine.
Propaganda post-its every five miles.
Cut and run gimmicks blame the underlings.
Stamp of approval murky discovery stealthy recovery.
Proud little pigmen playing poker with our money.
Misinformed masses gonna give him another majority.