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You got people and organizations pointing out dire situations needing addressing in some cogent, solid fashion instead of rhetoric and grandstanding with obligatory promises and back patting. Then on another side people used to hazardous humans and multiple scares over the decades talk about it going to work out, Science will work it out, technology will save the day. There is some truth as I see it in this as we all adapt to new horizons and will have to make concessions and maybe ration our lifestyle to keep the ship from sinking. We need some institutionalized equilibrium, people cannot or will not back peddle and make due with less unless they have to. But who is to trust? Nothing is trustworthy anymore, skepticism is rampant and fairly necessary, cynicism is the new black. Media, politicians, charities, businesses, what is solid, what is reliable in an elastic globalized world?

There was always damage and issues, but I think we feel it more the more we get connected and the more is revealed by competent reporters. There’s just a massive onslaught of bad news bears and strife filling the airwaves and the collective conscious. Iraq and Afghanistan are, to put it lightly, still fucked, more overt moves being placed on Iran and the ever watchful eye on Russia and China coalesce to form a new axis of distrust. Greece everyone knows is fubared and no one forgives debts anymore. Syria and Egypt have some complicated dualism for their past leaders where factions are fracturing the countries into a pointless tug-of-war for dominance in an unsure future. All this pro Assad anti Assad no to imperialism and colonialism rigmarole is doing nothing for the citizens except creating more casualties to fill page 7 of the locals. The Arab Spring is a slinky unable to stop itself or steer direction.

China and Brazil have some instability that is gaining the worry of geoanalysts. Everyone went apeshit about the stock market and China’s fall from grace in a doomsday-like prediction talking about a redip into recession like we haven’t been living with that boondoggle’s aftermath all this time. Face it, there is no panacea to the Economy. The so called free market cannot be tampered with to make it go the way we want, people buy and spend and scrimp and save to their own beat, you can manipulate the consumer but they still make the decision for themselves in the end. All of us seem to have a struggle with industry and holding on to stable exports and having what the other half wants. If Brazil’s sugarcane isn’t enough with all they’re doing with it and their renewable energy sources are a glimmer in the market, what is their place in the global economy that is hungry for new hotness? Deforestation and constant construction aren’t compatible with sustainability or pragmatic politics. I feel like there’s going to be a coalition for the middling countries like BRICS but more inclusive, more attuned to the realities of a new global order brought on by the necessity of abolishing empires and merging fledgling economies.

Now those who say we’ll get through it all just don’t want to change their lifestyle and make sacrifices. Too much confidence in the human spirit without the acknowledgement of struggle. A lot like to think of the US as the vanguard of a new century replete with modern technologies and fast forward thinking. Lots of research but political meddling as well. Lots of money going to useless endeavours while nitpicking about deficits and renewables spending. The new norm is multiple sources having shares in each other’s backyards. Chinese and South Korean corporations invest in North America and the like while each business has shares in other countries’ industries. And who is accountable in all this? What do trade laws and international law dictate in these situations? Disaster happens and they all throw their hands up in the air and make excuses, no one’s culpable or responsible.

Principles and scruples are a dead notion disappearing into the sands of a forgotten desert. The world is held together by cutthroat pirates legalized by free trade negotiations and binding words on paper. The most powerful and harmful thing we have is contracts. Words to solidify the power dynamic. I own this, I patent that, human existence is measured in ownerships. There is no get along gang here, our leaders are too stupid or corrupt for that. The only thing that’ll work is DIY mentality, the commoners taking the power back and fixing a broken system meant to control the populace. We only solve our problems by coordinating and ending poverty and extolling and supporting education. Two main functions of ending inequality for everyone. And anyone considering themselves religious should be on board with this and shout it out loud. Conservatism and religious sentiment are not compatible. You can’t cut social spending and say you care about the welfare of others. You can’t bomb another country killing civilians and say you are moral. We are not good, we are a work in progress.

People are so busy fighting and thinking their side is right. These idiots like Boko Haram and ISIS ISIL IS, whatever they’re called, are corrupting our collective will and ruining the whisper of peace and justice. You take children as slaves and pretend you’re for the people. You bomb your own and demolish history for a god who only aligns himself with you and your struggle your bullshit trumped up delusional jihad. You obsess about Jews and Zionism and forget your countrymen and women and the proven workability of micro lending and grassroots campaigns, small business and opportunities for everyone regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation or beliefs. What business is it of yours what people are and what they do? Why do you care where I stick my dick? You are not a prophet! You are not the hand of an invisible god who lives in your thoughts and concepts of the universe. No one has the right to abuse and dictate what others must do and act like. Nobody owns life. How is understanding such a difficult concept? Everyone thinks their right in the face of uncertainty. Who knows anyway?