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Populism overload kill the immigrants
Scapegoat cut throat warn the citizens
Stock market falling no mo dividends
Rich folk lose a penny unleash the austerity
No banks fill banks bankruptcy
Falling dollar idle wild
Blame the Phillipines
Export report incompetent currency
Find a new villan for the parroting
Sell guns then cry emergency
Out of hand militants sick of hypocrisy
Got the people with bread and fear
The West danger
Another Yasser yes sir
Another corrupt Emir
So many peace talks
Ramped up military spending
AKs for days raze hell and raise pays
Gangsta gangsta Allah praise
Hadiths and mad spliffs
Holy battle turf tiff
Split countries for political differences
Oust a leader and ban democracies
Prop up theocracies
Game of thrones so many allegiances
Clash of clans and family disturbances
Oil sales gas flares
Poll tax voting scares
Zealot rise nightmares
Politically weary nearly elections pay dearly
Right wing bloated and ready
Money talks Bernie walks
Warhawk Hilary on the squawk box
Harperism on the rise leftist demise
Grey haired banal evil
Anal retrieval as they fuck us lethal
Neocon risk game backed by our own people
Apathy diet the youth online and off riots
Curtail protests and legalize bizarro patriots
Shut up whistleblowers
Legislation covers and omnibus smothers
Rhetoric politics and filibuster brothers
Koch under covers in bed with moneyhuggers
Green groups with oil money pull the pipeline trigger
Gasland fast land free speech contraband
Zip lip take a stand
United we fall together we stand
Small movements big plans
Change the laws unite the clans
Bring on the new bills
Unwritten by corporate shills
New hope apathy kills
Stuck in the tinder thrills
Snapchat talkback obsession every session
Wifi prison
Mental slavery
Freedom to roam in a locked in state
Unlimited data in limited state
Make you a con to prove the crime rate
No job scavenger robots new employees
Depreciate your paper degrees
Funny money student loans
Finance hits and debt prone
Jailhouse bailout
Recession timeout
Back the students and middle class
Manufacture something that lasts
New blood economy
Green jobs in front of me
Better days with better wage
Green whore celibacy