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Do you fight like the heavens do
Do you love me like the river does
Do you creep as I weep
Into the lab of your dreams
Into the abyss of a closed heart open mind
Mental acumen intellectual curiosity
Does your mental dance take up my card
Are you too pensive for passion
Too serious for sex
Locked in inner turmoil no roll in the hay
Tight in the loins but light in the loafers
Speedy getaway as the night approaches
Does my appearance turn you
Does my face repulse
Am I fair and quite contrare
Is there someone else
Are we worthy
For the fight
Do we tango
Alone at night
Shall I beg and plead
For your good graces
Shall I fall asleep
Without your lead
Your mind is lost your head amiss
Your heart cold in lover’s bliss
The door is open
You leave that way
There’s nothing I can do
To make you stay
Trysts for twits
Quarrels and laurels
Not a beggar’s chance
In rich man’s paradise