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These rosy cheeked apple heads bobbing to and fro in the limelight glowed sea. Alabaster miscreants connecting skulls and meshing the mangling dew drops of youth. Mischievous marvellous tykes seeing future hijinks scramble with push me pull me gimme gimme. Sweets for the sweet. Candy daydreams melt like honeydew melon in the red hot sun. Sticky magma sucrose hardening upon the fleshy grey asphalt of Snake Way, scenting the air of Hades with the forlorn wishes of crushed pebbles under kneel and toe.

Spiked edges rough laid in the spine of the bony gargantuan, glistening white calcified remains remain intact in serpentine swirls curving lusciously round the bend, porcupine defence puffs up, shooting pain spurs outward. Steely white missiles spray arrays around town. Lightpoles smash and dash with the electric blue fizzle of busta bust energy flows.

Darkness there. Dark town alight with fright as rowdy pouty emo hooligans take to the streets to disembowel the night train and aggro spray paint shuttling cars. Wry smiles on painted faces beneath the lopsided tangle of angled black hair. Droopy eyes and grimaces dance with the temptation of the moonlight, swaying back and forth as the waves of oblivion. Sky rimmed with dusky purple streaks besetting anxiety-ridden clouds making makeshift oxy proxy. Terror of downtrodden kids buzzing timidly and ferociously like hard-shelled beetles scarab scavenging the remnants of the aged city.

Bleak black and brown rubble oafishly standing out against the backdrop of sienna mills and tangerine dreams. Glossy shaped almandine burrowed deep within the crust of rich browned earth. Wild pernicious plant life twiddling and tweedling up higher and higher into the clouds awaiting the plumber’s climb. Happy clouds sigh and release gushing waters to drench and nourish clamouring vines; opulent green lushery expanding into a cornucopia of foliage dotting the lost highway. Exit left.

Tunnel vision right through hollow point structures echoing screeches and wails from the future wreck reverberating backwards through time. Supersonic waves caress locomotive votive given freely to the mass. Time honoured papal legacy weighing on the beadle needle, vigorous vicar takes his time and collections. Alms for the poor dwindle to arms outreached for sustenance, arms race amid the suits claiming peace and religion. Jesus or a gun.

Hypocrites and shady deals and deeds mix hands among the principal prime movers and shakers pushing tin for profit amalgamation. Expansion contraction, debt dues on heads and relief given for nefarious agreements and usurious excesses; commingling cash co-operation on the table, industry and finance the new cold war, new weapons of mass destruction willed to the teeth biting flesh of another brother from another mother. Bloody wounds linger on battered and bruised empires gone soft. We are lesion. Hear how the mighty have fallen, shattered ground as they collapse.