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Blowhard chump Trump making the sideshow circus
Main attraction throwing blood to the masses
Dwindling numbers so they become savages
Ravage their brethren for quick cash promises
Eight years of middling and neutered liberality
Time for another rich white man oligarchy
Posin as democracy when it’s all about the currency
Dollar dollar bill yall hip hop hooray
Neighbor north caught in a struggle
Conservatism in a corner just waiting for the muzzle
Push up the business push down protection
Ecodisasters sprouting asthmatic children
Wheeze and cough who’s the next China
Bangladesh, Singapore next stop for the corps
Heyday money make exploit climate
Qatari explosion pipe dreams full clip
Dubai money well dowsing the investors
Make cash on cash buffet market crash
Every few years another bubble burst
Butt first but first the collection plate
Fork over dues for the snakes
Take ya medicine asps curling round
Pharmaceutica magicka held up by the patents
Copyright copy copy everyone else
Steal what you want history won’t tell
Exploitation game get in line learn the tricks
Business schools praise prey economics
Scruples depleting predatory lending
Poison ivy growing on sick walls of the cash prison
Profit prisons good investment decision
Wards of the state go to private sectors
We’re eating other like Hannibal Lecters
Dog eat dog eat man eat eat consume
Shopper’s drug mart od’d peoples

Foaming on the floor next to puddles of blood
Cell in hand as the ambulance rush
It’s an amergency!
Holler holler shot caller
Celly flash the new cop killer
Shoot the cops post it asap
Flikr reddit anything for the pushback
New form protest media savvy kids
Boycott the bullshit reblog the feds
Twitter stamp cyber attack
Fight the Terrordome
Bush’s baby bushwhack
Sleeping with the enemy subsidizing the infantry
Tear gas the crowds bombard the population density
Photoshop a terrorist
Public enemy number one next on the hit list
Any one in the way of drone strikes
Brown ants under the way of the gun
Veiled heads a threat to the phallic armada
Stuck in recession pull the trigger
Lying on the floor next to puddles of blood