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Paying for pixels. Freemium lush. Carnivore commercialism sucking down sweet greenbacks.
Age of the new gamer. Casual casualty. Supercell charged charging haphazard users sucked into screens.
Virtual life, half life. Color wonderful sprites phantasmagorical eye candy. Cataract cavities.
Subways bustling with illuminated travelers.  Busy bees foregoing the swarm. Why always with the talking?
Communication nation just less face to face. Strangers stay that way. Creeps ruin the connecting.
All connected to services. Chatbots, snapchat, chatter invisible on the air. Plugged in mindstate, we are VR.
0s and 1s skin cells pave the way for rebirth. Singularity. RAM filling bodies with excessive succesive upgrades.
Heat up world, heat up microchips. Chips down, blue chips ante up. Stocked with barrels double chamber relay.
Nodes placed every which way. Wireless transmission mission. Silicon valleys dot the horizon. Implants for sapiens.
Prototype beta space race. Rockets and sprockets milky way colony. Bees to ants to droids. Better luck tomorrow.