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It tastes so good
I want another sip
Deep in brews dark dip
Flow in the cup
Drown in the stein
Lift to the lips
Weight off my mind
Can’t stop the rock
Cold crush cans on block
Dilute myself with liquors
Douse myself with hops
Shenanigans tomfoolery
Myspace crawlspace
Drunk dick hollering
Inebriate numb skull
Take another sip
Down the hole
Bar fly at the dive
Swim with the beat
Bathrooms skeet skeet

Smell of urine soaked floors rising from black white tiles reflecting my sad song. Solo existence reverberating off melancholy folly walls booming with the clash of my inner screaming. Infidel wails piercing guy ear drums towards a precipice. Cliff Huxtable fallen idol and I’m dying inside while the sick, depraved world rots its last hurrah along the jagged, rusty rail of oblivion. Oxidized maladies creeping slow death over blood-stained piss sheets drying in mama milfs basement. Laundry day. Quarters for the poor dangling limp beside limp dick suffering ills from pills taken. Oral degradation, oral fixation. Sleep well, half sleep life cousin of death bring death to the door while I whistle on the other side. Ring my bell til I come running out the bathroom after daily burn and scrub rituals. Dirty dirty boy come cum, tit for tat titties they grabba. Don’t touch me, don’t love me, don’t save me please me deeply. Fuck you fuck me rub me play me like little girls walking away from mommy into the dark pit of the world alongside the perverted old men with shining little spectacles and ripped pockets always moving up and down. Sniff and gander nymphets idling in the walkway in little pigtails and frocks, innocent faces quizzical glares into the abyss. Night time fun poking holes under burgundy moth-eaten blankets in the cold streets of big city bay. Sick thrills for days until the execution of all things. Lopped heads rolling down the avenue, staring wide-eyed lolitas at the underpass.

Smoking hole rife with the filth and pustules of god’s abominations growing and lesioning upon the squalid earth, whispers of kindness fading with the bitter hearts of youth. What lurks in the hearts of men. Demented trolls waiting patiently for strangers bearing fruits of plenty to rob and steal. Criminal deviants hocking each other and ripping to shreds the remnants of old gentry and civility. Mad Max haven pistol grip pump shock troopers gunning down intruders. Bloody rags hanging off makeshift shelters tinted with amber grease glowing in the hot red sun. Boiling cauldron third earth stinging flesh and burning sun spots into frightened masses en masse for mass graves. Silly putty arms and legs straggling behind the neverwinter long walk of salvation. Desperate duos and triads longing for sweet relief under the willow trees. Putrid stench of chemicals and corpses perforating thick hot air, gags a second reaching towards the last crusts of food upon the misshapen mess pile of gone bodies. Green fingers grip victuals in tight snap, hungry dogs heave and rush towards dinnertime ready to rip apart the diseased deceased.

Salivating survivors hunker down in lock stop spot for renewals. Half ration water make it til sundown. Marauders and banjo bandits sneaking trails around the shanty town of forgotten souls peering into the void of the dust bowl. Savage dogs and coyotes gnashing teeth and bone against each other in deadlock fights. Hard pang biting down on twisted necks and patchy fur, taste of blood taps the tongue, kill or be killed war of the worlds. Wells dried up past due. Bone dry wishers with the remnants of tiny bones. Sliced up fingers little snausages in the mongrel’s mouth. Another child given to the cause, another group of survivors fed by the sacrifice of a horrified and overpowered, overwhelmed mother dear. Gaunt face once pretty stricken with fear and revulsion lost in its dumb utterances, manic screams and clinging arms push away strong hands barrelling down on her in the last ditch effort. Small sticks and tombstone for little lamb lost to the slaughter. Wisps of golden hair float away on a indifferent wind into the annals of world war z…