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Seriously, it’s about time that nice words were not trotted out to pacify a justifiably angry demographic. White politicians need to actually develop and initiate plans to deal with the harsh world of systemic racism and police violence, violence that is continually justified or passed off as a hazard of the job, a good ol’ boys slap on the wrist with NO disciplining. No more pretty words and speeches, people are not dumb enough to fall for your rhetoric and polished speechifying. People of color need, demand, struggle, for reason and rationality in the nation they choose to live a life in and expect a modicum of justice and equality. How much fighting and social upheaval needs to be done til people get it through their thick heads that everyone deserves unmitigated respect, now and forever! The institutions of the world are tilted to one side and this favoring and polemics is corrupting and eating away at the base of civilization. We do not need platitudes and electoral grandiosity what with the trendy hashtags, talking points and oh so timely media appearances. Stop waiting for another shooting to speak your piece and spew out your practiced diatribe about the race issue, the behind closed doors nagging problem getting in your political way. Do something. Say something before another tragedy, before another black person is choked for suspect suspicions that lets peace officers commit murder and a lethargic genocide. Do the right thing.