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Calmly walking little white stockings with a shimmer blue dress
Lollipop duets with the long shadow projection
Dainty shoe placements black flats on indigo roads
Shuffling through phases the body and mind grows
Stimulated brain cells multiply with exertion
Fortified femme with the gentle caress
Dog days start and under duress

The bruised ego, the hurt of the flowering violet
Shrinking from discouragement, attune to harshness vibes spreading its talons over petals
Long shrapnel-like curvatures enveloping and sinking in to soft, delicateness
Forms of abuse rampant in the high flying world, suffers of sin redoubled retaken
Loud banging words thumping on the ears and inside the head for years to come
Parental flings of effective verbiage attacking like arrows to the knee
Coursing through the curriculum goes the halting restructuring of youth
Judge and correct behaviours with rod or admonishment
Papa don’t preach lectures from the pulpit
Son of a preacher man stuck in woman’s land
Physical accoutrements and lovely lady lumps
Don’t want this she cries with dew drop eyes
Tearing hair out from airs of despise
Ambivalent sighs, destructive reconstructive plans
Dimensions for attention, male adonis surmise
Shaping the body, sculpting the chest no need for breasts
Itty bitty committee with the dangling proclivity
Post op ditty with a tune so happy
Feels whole and right in a topsy surrounding, livid parents so astonished
50s conservatism clashes of the generations
Toss out favourite to the streets, distant memory distant presence
No despair, no retreat, workshop darling strutting knowledge
Career fair, budding entrepreneur, chasing out demons with flair
No mo tears rolling down cheeks, anger turned to passion no time to be meek
Furious worker, workaholic, youth in suit and meetings, shimmy up the social ladder