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This is the corrupt nation that plagues the people
Revolution on the TV station but commercial interrupted
Riot gear cops serve and protect greedy infestations
Corporations breaking bread with presidential assurances
Greenlight occurrences fast track allowances
Subsidy pocket money for fossil fuel deliverance
Oil slicks and parlour tricks cloud the fact search
Tarsands, Gasland, polluting pipes rise upon the Earth
Black clouds, yellow smoke, toxic waste Mr. Burns territory
Methane water leading lambs to the slaughter
Poison backyards while the NIMBYs ogle
Traitor Obama breaking oath for cash flows
Hos in another area code watch him become a lobbyist
Leaders hand and fist knocking boots with business
Dirty money in plain sight watching them have sex
Citizens united running with Koch
I’m gonna give you a neck up so I have something to choke
You turncoat mother fuckers wanna dump on us
Every promising politician we cannot trust
Beat em down bitch slap as a protest
Stuff heads in the bag as I roll down Parliament
Flame the Congress and talking heads accomplice
Home invade mansions of these suckling plutocrats
Little piggies slopping up kickbacks and lobby money
Maybe with a revolt they won’t think it’s so funny
Fight the cops fight the free world fight for existence
Everything a fight against the corporatist state
They give you smart phones and pollute the atmosphere
Can’t breathe can’t breathe no clean air
Flora fauna dying in record numbers up here
How many billions does it take to sate desire
But none of em care, even their own children live in fear
The toxic future is coming with fanfare
Praise Allah and Yahweh for the helpful hands
Bring out the confetti and the old white men
Bribery dollars still on their cursed lips
Green grass a static image in the museum of history
Mutated food and modified staples
Spose to solve world hunger just another con game
Don’t shoot up my groceries with green lies and falsity
Pay for your indecency and delinquency
Show me tax breaks but I’m on the tab for your bill
Your spill, your thrill, your profiting meal
Take from societies for some million dollar baby
Fuck you pay me
Fuck the hypocrisy, fuck the oligarchy
Deal us out of this shell game with moving pea
You think us fools but we’re gonna bury you soon
You’re looking at the finger we’re focused on the moon
Arm strong the system create a renewables deficit
This world is ours we run this shit