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Knuckleheads twerkin jerkin Jergens teens flirtin
Vines tubing spotify recruiting video redtubans
Ballers swigging hoochie mamas baby daddy dramas
Condom passover lamb’s blood sinnerman
Rich kids on Atavin pill poppin clan
Collecting tablets of minor circumstance
Major indifference apathetic monster mash
Poverty stricken war generation cold kids
Hang me up to dry check the obits
Losing youth to prison and drug daze
Being black a transgression
How can you not temper aggression
Right wing tantrums loaded gun fanfare
Scared shitless security warfare we dare
Secrets expulsion citizen four compulsion
Whistleblower heros given amnesty for safety
Truth the dirty word in the nation free
Free speech free world
Choke on freedom stifle dissent
Love the leader heaven sent
Spy society eyein me indefinitely
Terrorism scare tactic shock and awe antic
Drone bombs but Islam the enemy
Saudi frenemy Gaza casualty racking up bodies
Peace no peace, war that sells
Halliburton Bombardier gold for kills
All mighty dollar hell hole squalor
Third world rebels cursing infidels
Merc their own people for the money well
Public enemy
Statist heresy
Nation at war for the oil dependency
Strategic positioning for coming hostility
Too political gotta focus on celebrity
Gossip galore and Kardashian movie
Jenner makeover cutesy
I’m a woman reprieve
New age transform trans free
White ones celebrated black ones on the street
Beaten to death not on the news feed
Bleeds no leads forgotten need