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Pretty pictures, pouty poses, selfies galore. The pose, ths look, the meme generator operating correctly. Snowjob skin tone represent me, all eyes on white protagonist, brown antagonists, racial divide the line you snort with. Getting high off media supply. Painting with white stripes white strokes, dominated by Coke. Run in the jungle while they murder union reps; disappearance consequence, free market romance. Clean water harvest losing the agua for la rasa consumption. Gutting resources and strip mining the continent, cause effect can’t fathom it, banal evil in conference calls.

Google talk, back talk, Skype lock, cell hock. Pay the pretty penny for phone capabilities,  next gen utilities praised as golden calf delivery. Luddites and counter culture brats running mouths blaming corporate elite, one percent, tech society, boom of no privacy.  NSA, TPP, OPEC, attack of the acronym ballads. Watch me watch you watching pervy voyeur preview. Cameras everywhere click clack democracy, justice through the lens as we watch ourselves drown in the raves of a new century.

Like me follow me, reblog and tumbl me. Looking at page stats with bottle of Hennesy. Hooked to the mains of the cyber colony, fuck me vocabulary, results may vary. All about the feelies; feel good from xbox achievements doled out to delinquents. Console consoles attention twitch addicts. Play me play me, pay the high fee, stock the corp greed, horses on bag feed. Chomp chew morsels thrown from the towers, oligarch showers. Peasants pleased with the iphone blitz, new phone glitz, pretty posh bits. Spend spend spend for the vulture economics. Adam Smith tonics for Randian prophets. Delusional comics laying jokes on us, in bucks we trust, boom and bust.

Make way, get away, what’s trending today. Excess minerals and vitamins for photoshop display. Free radicals, ginseng, chakra healing. Gluten new Putin, antioxidant promises, reiki massages, snapchat messages. Quicker, shorter, faster, blather, no time white rabbits spewing binary bits, internet full of chatty kids, grammarless wunderkinds decorum of the forum. Hacking, fracking, Canada racking. Tar sands and Brunswick gas, sellout, pimp that ass.

Selling credit no debit, cash indebted I said it on reddit so don’t sweat it. Instant transmission collision, VR vision with the savvy precision. Global takeover of profit prison. I ain’t no politician but I see bad decisions, dead REDD, cap heads, free emission commission. The drilling is damaging, the sun be sparkling, waste water waste on industry’s tallying. Third earth black skies, desert the oasis and rape the rainforest. It’s asking for it.

New fads, attack ads, stop following and miss the tabs. Celebrity peeping and royal baby peeking, eyes in a book information seeking. Old knowledge before the MTV scene, before the constant touch screen. Under a rock, where have you been. Notes from the underground I cannot find the reason.