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I wanna stop and stare at the moon in a crystal globe reflecting my deep-seated wishes. I wanna kick up a quiet riot in a dustbowl hellhole built for two. Manufactured golden crowns shining valiantly in the hazy, autumn sun. Globules of light fantastic sparking meandering whimpers of a recall; past days fishing on Briny lake with grandpa rubbing his bristle moustache. Salty grey handlebar undulating with the sage advice of a former era. Bygone elementals lending hands and minding manners.

New generations fold into themselves and every side is a remark on their own fetid egos. Little paper fold ups tell the future to raptured children. New days spattered with gadgets and flamboyant characters on the tubes. Excess and access of celebrity, canned smiles. Sex sells, sex tape, become a joke of itself but still gets a Google hit. The new hits, the royal babes, the market guru waves a glittery wand over escapist voyeurs, peek-a-boo game knocked up a notch. Bam!

See I see. Deserted playgrounds and empty swings creaking falsetto, gamers pushing tin in coffee shops replacing beatnik hipsters and poets. Wordy mouthpieces ranting about political dissidence and obscure dadaism, the audience is the show. Shomi couch potatoes marathoning endless tv antics and drama, the circus at the push of a dial keeping us satisfied. Can’t get enough. Seinfeldian slips on lala land oldies parroting serenity now musings.

Jade spirals and royal purple felt caps and bonnets dance elfishly in a micro cosmos within a sad fish bowl acidified. Warm oceans carbon rich wanting to hug fallen cities and engulf the villages. Ant people rush away like Godzilla extras towards a painted bg mural. CGI captures grow heavy beyond the lens, massive quality enhancement willed by the awed masses. Clamouring for 4K resolution and pixel density beyond comprehension. Reaching closer to the Gamer world. Every sucker acting out fantasies and larping emphatically every other weekend. Parents doling out lunch money for pizza-crazed pizza faces whining about nobody listening on their blogs with filter-heavy pics of mediocre lunches. Hashtag my existenz.

Shroom gobblers acting Mario opening doors to perception. Hallucinating teens bopping heads and seeking highs and higher truths, whistling past the graveyard going outside the mind. String theory spiritualists saluting Nature and Gaia’s paintbrush with each new species. Rampant evolution amid the fighting ideas circa last century. People only concerned with the science of weight loss, ads proliferate selling beauty regiments and pretty image boosters. We all become icons in the superficial computer, lusting after fx glamor, photoshop beauties. Skinny in again, body dysmorphia in the mirror, nervosa pervasive. Young girls breaking glass, stabbing self for makeover madness, reality shows about the unreal expectations, greater humiliation. Dolled up honeys getting paid to be divas in the Man’s moneymaking world. Stars searching for happiness and getting locked up in contentment camps, cash barbed fences keep the used inside, hollow souls gasping for breath in suppression air. Combustible personalities doused with alcohol til they blow up, tabloids hack away at misery, magnified life stories sell copious copies to commercial captives.

And here we are again. Can we at least like something in the modern era, modern family, post-modern feminist luxury? Mamas in Botswana working hard for meals, Chinese matriarchs hurrying nimble fingers with kids to make Gucci shit. Foreign workers need money but get all the blame. Election hopefuls promising swift action and turncoat immigration. Lies upon lies in the voting cycle, televised bigotry proudly hailed or is it heiled? Easy pawns and pigeons sucked into the xenophobe rule. Close borders but open trade, business prevails in environmental decay, decadence display. Golden parachutes cover all these tricks and schemes. Legislation markedly pro something and it ain’t the people; protests digress into shouting matches and police brutality, rubber bullets and riot gear clash with placards and fear. Off the grid libertarians holding quick to their guns, lover’s waltz. Eco-friendly vegans trying to muddle the dark waters we all drown in. Reverse the crisis like tested osmosis, bottled water consumption reaching total ocean dumping, water a precious resource in a saline solution future. Rising tide cover all, the new Pangea, diluvial breaches deep sea speechless.

Lying on the floor naked and bloody, we come to terms with ourselves, past the lies and bullshit. I see the man in the mirror, he is me, we are all a piece trying to discover a whole. Saccharine cliches burst forth from the mouth like latte foam on a hot lip sputtering. Shallow phoenixes preparing themselves for the slaughter, reborn into an evolved mass, energy, totalitarian consciousness. We breathe one breath, connected thoughts in a spectral energy state making sense of a new horizon. Glowing spiral nebulas reaching out to catch a thought turned into an idea into a movement into a sentient being, alone with us. Basking in the sun sharing protein strings in monogamy bliss.