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The men with guns come stomping round. Bilking and betting on lives lost on the hallowed earth. Overt demolition prances with bravado and boom and bust violence, shimmering aggression painting red walls stinking of betrayal. The men take what is not theirs, give power to the allfather, create dominion from false ideology. Leaders of bright boys turned ghouls usurp power from the crown to kick and play with the bouncing globe. Soldiers, riot police, lawyers armed with paper bullets streaking shots against the citizenry, locking up the people and legal seizures of properties. Take home, take life, take the spirit; zeitgeist dwindling. Men with guns pointing rifle butts at tattered souls, achtung action as the common swarm the gutters, prisoners clang metallic cups static against the fire from the phallic weaponry. Bullet sprays, choke-filled days, warfare haze in man’s plays.

Uniforms marching in unity against humanity. Spoon-fed youth take arms against brethren locked into nationalism patriotism sullied and polluted with ideas of superior nation, whispers of greatness and reward, the birth pangs of a new era in the making. The young gunmen make history and secure the power grabs. Politicians just weak men without the gunners, old fools spouting nonsense and heroism speeches at the testosterone horde. These gray haired louts scream valor at the taking of the throne. Knights and sentry defending pathetic rulers and naked kings. Soldiers making misfortune, toppling governments and stealing the faith of the masses. Weapons stop the commons from taking action, death on the horizon holds back the revolt, losses many in the distance. The guns speak power while in the hands of the sheep. Pistol grip pump pimps using us like chattel. Groans of a nation silenced by the horns. Corruption governs in the make-believe ballot. Bought out judges banging brazen mallets. Police state violence dangling that proverbial carrot. In front of the downtrodden. Always in front, marching and laying laws on the masses, gravestones pile up traffic.

We need to rise up. Take the city back for the people. Stomp out the overtake before it starts, put criminals of politics in the concrete box. War criminals sent to the block indefinitely, pay for crimes thoroughly. Sick old fools slip internationally, think they’re wily. Lock them up rightly and alter history rightly. Loudmouth suits with no cards to play. Kings turned to queens in the prison-industrial complex. War machine dismantled in the aftermath, the footprints of giants erased from the battlefield to teach lessons to the new youth. The bigger they are the harder they must fall. Seasons must change to escape the winter of discontent; bills and measures tighten reins on the power-hungry. We regulate the rulers in a promising future.