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Coquettish cokeheads deads on cock threads
Up down joystick, maneuvering skullfucking teeny boppers
Red and blond mannequins fed to the slaughter
Snuff puff pass daddy’s girl gone viral
Posted toasted, rocks off on bimbos gone to limbo
Promising girls gone down the drain of sin city
Salacious film debut butressing porn aisles
Ills of society, billable hours commodity
Shamefaced bukkake snowball globally
Shiny knob Picassos posing for the money shot
Dumpster babies somebody else’s mess
Little fauns with snapped necks gurgling bloody boys leavings
Big blue eyes flicker in the darkness as light escapes down the road
Fraternity scars and scabs the secret to hold
Initiation rituals burning letters from wise slave owners
Misogyny maps its way round youth thick heads
Man’s world and look what they done with it
Piles of turgid excrement graffiting isolated utilitarian cityscapes
Polluted bogs for the cogs running wheels
Spacely sprockets blowing rosy rubbermaids
Back alley abortions the only alternative in the red state
Jew-hating bagel munchers gawking at Gaga and cursing bankers
Chequebook elephants in the room fanning themselves with Labour money
Austerity precarious balance act balance books on paper
Taxation depletion but services evaporation
Objectivist world don’t look at the strings
Held by worker hands but sights unseen
Ideology lobotomy, economic phrenology
Compound wealth fracture piggy bank recession
Bandaids affixed to sucking chest wounds
Whistle while you work
Clean cut smooth talking sharks get the voters
Right wing confidence chauvinistic nonchalance
Everyone’s right and no one knows
Every crook given six figures, figures
Monetary debasement culls calculated inflation
Drop down prices, sell like hot cakes
Corporate words coming out babe’s mouth
Advertised beliefs shouted and touted
Thought memes engender conformity
Complaints are trite drivel
Pointing fingers so trivial, accept the communal
Chickenheads’ last cluck lethal