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By land and by sea they come for me
Holding spears of misery
Jabbed and pierced evenly
Rushed towards the boiling cauldron
With no hope do I but fall in
Reddened coals burn and sealed in
Cooked like lobster fricassee
Peppered and dashed for company
Cannibals dine so unmannerly
Digested, converted, deadly purpose
Turn to spirit restless
Haunting guts and intestines
Voodoo hoodoo which doctor
Sickness, plague and indigestion
Creep within for ghastly fashion
Turn organs sour and squeeze men’s hearts
Trickle blood from dissected parts
Wailing sounds and blinding fear
Corrupt the souls of families dear
Mother, sister, strangling necks
Father crazed into a vex
Relations stab and tear at throats
Massacre in bungalow blood coats
Walls stained arterial spray
Village razed and savage on display
Cursed island awash in melee
Hoots and jeers as fire takes
Burning flesh and bone blackened thick
Crumbling skeleton aflame with screams
Bursting eyes sizzle and juices flow
Cavernous chests sucking wounds grow
Searing cheeks slowly melting into a ghoulish grin
Happy from insanity accepting death
And I am done with these
Revenge has sated me
Down I go to the bottom of the sea
To sleep until the next party