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Coquettish, serious, Bangkok dangerous
Pretty girl effortless
She huggin the white train in bathroom blitz
Snortin drinkin tokin bliss
She in a mess but says a’ight
Ask for help with dismissal swipes
All the “fines” in the world don’t make it right
She stumbles drunk across the floor
Begging pleading gimme more
Party hardy cancer for the cure
At a loss sinking evermore

Bits blix blintzy blunts
Popover Porfiroy perogie punch
Little lanyards drape so trary
Over fields of ordinary
Down the mountain king and crunch
Elevensies and dragon lunch
Horns so ghastly pray thee quick
Hide in dark, blown candlestick
In the crevice like a bat
Curled instep sleek as a cat
Fumble with bangles and stalking hat
Trample on forgetmenots
Noise complaint ye creepeth slow
Past the treasury what does bestow
Gemeralds and chaos stones
All round past knight tombs
Skulls and swords betray the fates
Death and mercy trading space
Blood runneth over spill the spoil
Seek the answer in bubble and toil
Witches brew tells tall tales
Eye of newt and copper snails
Pace the room find the key
The throne is yours by maiden’s decree
Marry the tumbler who chases white dragons