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If you think about it words are the most powerful tool we humans have at our disposal. Words are necessary, words are important. The words “I’m sorry” said in a certain way can mean a lot of difference to someone in need feeling down in that dump we all find ourselves in one way or another, suffocating stench drowning out reason. People like to cling to weapons in that primal, lizard brain me me protect me type of thinking but it doesn’t really stop anything. The guns don’t stop wars they only prolong suffering and loss. If weapons were the equalizer then the most powerful nation would be on top and you wouldn’t have war and these continuous squabbles but we do have them, we have war and infighting between cultures in the great divide, guerrilla fighters and rebels in Syria, Yemen, Nigeria, all desirous power-grabbers yearning for the top against the bottom.

The military-industrial complex is a reality and multifaceted to say the least. War profiteering unleashes a torrent of antagonism weaving its way through a peace-seeking society losing face daily. We turn our heads towards the day and squint at the burning light that giveth and taketh. What choices do we have? This freedom that comes from capitalistic democracy is wearing thin and promises are heading back east it would seem. They shovel shit in our backyards and charge for the cleanup. Are we free? Are we enabled and ennobled by just rights to bust shackles of mild oppression and coercive governance? I hear leaders speak of the wants of the citizens, they speak for us in parliaments and camera feeds designating power struggles as the will of the people while we are willing grace. We are burdened by the nonaction of politics. We are served by warlords of many names; we are the distaste on their vengeful tongues lapping away at still waters to rise the tide. Enemies made and remade in endless conflicts to churn the wheels of the money market, guns and ammo make good money and no one is done gambling on futures. Violence is sickening, war is quickening, death and plague is the reckoning. The religious cower at four horsemen but turn blind at the sight of ponies multiplying. This is my rifle this is my gun.

We have come to a point where complications and complexities are rampant and infecting different modes and models of existence. Intersectionality, civil wars with unclear agendas and parties, shuffled and discursive terrorism and torture tactics. What is up, what is down? Holding any one opinion now is erroneous, any viewpoint is folly and someone will correct you based on their information and the information itself is scattered and varied. It’s an overload and then dis and misinformation is tallied into the mix. People getting paid to spread lies and half truths, commenting on boards and forums pretending to be citizens morally obligated to inform the masses of the virtues of the great and wise leader, the reasonable policies, regulations, laws in escrow. How to parcel out this hub of words and numbers. Who is there to trust, what is trust anymore in a mad mad world boiling over? Media lie, heroes die, stuck in a hustle with thieving magpies. I have no hope for a sentient voice to rise from the crowd, to instigate that dream in the rally for sanity. Bickering is the old new norm and simple solutions are passed for sanctions and punishment. The old eye for an eye stick to your gut approach has wrapped its tendrils around our people and made mountain moles and rat kings. Maybe when the hawks die out they won’t be replaced by the new breed. Maybe I’m wrong, this could be the pangs of liberation and “democracy.” Through darkness there is change.