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Odelali edamame times the two and quarter money
Temperate wife in a nightie night life
Fulsome prison but long-term decision
Happy hopey popeye oily doilies
Tea set preset spill on meerkat V-neck
Tide the side and reset blouse bet
Mary pop ins popovers pantry leftovers
Swirling turkey dervish dish
Saucy moxie roasted homely
Daughter fodder for the suitor
Prearranged deranged estranged marriage
Figaro gigolo Italian wedding soup for brains
Euro trash white trash ballroom blast blitz cash
Money down home in town
Cutesy duplex makes up for limp dick
Complex simplex simtex
Love like remix
Telephone telefax teleconference telecoms
Communication abundance
Signals everywhere transmission through the air so fair
Fares and tax for communiqué lax
Rules and regulation for satellite station ejaculations
Buzz buzz words and medium message
Radio waves and televised raves
Every idiot got a show, someone’s fave
Podcast nerdcast recast islave
Device symmetry buy em all fantasy
Constant gadgetry beam space telemetry
New wave symbiosis cyborg circuitry
Watches glitches high-tech riches
Silicon in the blood, copper veins
Cybernetic humanoid, evolution bitches