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Turn turn turnabout turbo lift Turner and Hooch
Fast cycles recycled Sonic Youth
New phase nova nouveau neomillenial
Silicon horizons platinum expenses
Water is oil on s slick earth
Dry heave planet can it humans
Sardines smooshed up pop. 9 billion
Vicious virus bacterial expansion
Stem cell tech boom bubble bobble addicts
Glowing phablets mesmerizing adults
Information overload attention straining
reddit read it splurges Facebook purges
Off the grid urges emerges power surges
Brown outs and rationing temptation slacking
Electric society soaring price luxury
Soylent green epiphany dead make energy
Kinetic sidewalks and bioplus greenery
Multigender future multitasking youngens
Intern part-time performance wages
Global globo space race
Multinational conglomerates monopoly banking
Inflation scare mongering with deficit demons
Hover Marty boards pay-per-shuttle Earth orbit
Answers, cancers, cures empty wallet
National healthcare libertarian gun scare
Superbugs super string theory superman in a laboratory
Social evolution theory story