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He sits in his chair, steel trap life bound. People watching in the city, cross from the park parked wheels locked daymaring. Sickening sinister visions clash flash in too heavy head; hello heaviness. Able bodies traveling effortlessly, parading skin animals coming into view while they’re viewing the sad sight. Pity, pithy, privy to sullen woes damaging elementally mentally distressing blessing he. Moving shadows, legs lift in symmetrical patterns he’s getting madder as the whole turns about him so he’s drownin. Lifeless legs painful reminder of the fallen fodder willing farther, pushed down levels for the terror, father fuhrer. Weeps inside emotions hide, tuff face tough pride. Bitter seeds sewn in young heart blooming in jasmine air.

Shackled to a child she calls him husband. Poker star addict spends dough for the children. College fund found and shifted in slot monster. Gamblor taking fabulous baker quarters rising from the jittery hands of the fallen. Angels speak leave he keeps on gamin’. Days turn ever on, she presses clothes with looks worn, worry signs light the way to stressor face, knitted eyebrows and shrugs eventually.  Loser louse kicked out. Two suits and duffel bag filled with broken memories.  Motel 6 night time flies, blues barfly sticking to the wall.

Leading lady peruses meat market finding the raw. Skirts get shorter and shorter as she sinks in desperation. Nickles and dimes on makeup attractor, feels silly but the game is set, over forty but good as you get. Divorcé in the way sex drive put on layaway. Choosy no floozy, gentle men just specks in a sand dune, squinty eyes getting tired so tired. Waiting for weak knees amid the flesh market, bizarre bazaar.  Tastes the other side and finds she likes it. Subtle supple same sex saves. Civil union for the babes. Two mommies teen raise.

Teen dream emo scream. Chemo treated, mouth of aspartame. Head half shaved statement made. Beat the cancer.  Dwell in split dwelling nobody understands me refrain. Sing for the moment asking for take away. Deliverence, divorce, enforce, endgame. Run run runaway bus shelter mainstay. Cold streets burning feet, walking dead keep moving, keep running, run away from pain towards pain, live pain, embrace it. Stiff lipped returns home, welcoming arms, burnt out drain brain  slinks into better days sofa. Loungin’, chillaxing, bright world shining tweety birds sighing. Different now, L word hanging in air like trapeze artist, comfort level restarted. New home new balance. Shift into red.