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Draft flying cars and mapping stars
X-51 planet planned terraform
Boko Haram got a harem of women and girls
Underaged pearls before swine
Total cost on a dime
Saving Ukraine but the Africans dumped
Maybe baby gas resources the loot
No diamonds in Nigeria
Terrorist bohemia
Wait for uranium hoaxes and trades
Iranian devil but the militias unscathed
Call for more war war whores at the throttle
Clinton lady hawk
Chicken hawk politicians blind eye to the slaughter
Genocide ephipany
Cold war chillin me
Bombs bombs every way destruction
Risk game corruption
Napoleanic disruption
All the world a stage with missing line distribution
CEOs and magnates offered as the answer
Throw money at the pit
Inflation growing like cancer
Sick hell sickle cell bleed outs
We lookin for reason but just hearing loudmouths
Turn the tv off it’s just an accomplice
Scare mongering corporate mouthpiece
Mouths aplenty going on empty
Throw some rice and call it a good deed
Rising third worlds and stagnant superpowers
Clash of civilizations the time tested hours
We have no weapons so we go for peace and love
Numbers are our guns think we’ve had enough