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These were from a time when off meds, drunk all the time, traversing Toronto with jumbly thoughts in my head and I felt these ideas would CHANGE THE WORLD. I was gonna be an entrepreneur, in my head, people weren’t ready for this level of creativity. Now it just, I dunno, seems like fluff that wouldn’t work in the real world but then again you never know what works until it’s settled in.

Prison system where inmates play video games made to be more addicting or engrossing and get simple rewards for achieving things in the game. Getting through puzzle and thought provoking games garners more rewards than action/killing games. More yard time, more drink options at lunch etc..

It’s the age of the shallow and the rest of us are drowning in it.

The faceless enemy is the one we ignore.

Atheism-it’s inside you
Religion is an infection of the mind and blocks people from dealing with their fears so they cannot move past them.
Human history is the same bullshit over and over with different costumes.

Army of sheepishness.
I got the juice like Tupac.
+3 brain power
I killed my ego but it came back to hang.
(Pictures of self extreme facial gestures)
-The power of Christ repels you
Female ones have red lingerie type bra with horns and underneath have “devil d’s” in tiny writing.
-Daydreaming and dream farting
(Spewing out ddream thoughts)
You can fix the world’s problems inside of a book
“When trees give you lemons, you eat their babies”.
Decoration in geek biz. One side light show, expanding universe, one side contracting universe.
Black and white checkered floor with chess piece chair legs. Corners have “deep blue” design. Power up paninis,”deep blue” berry muffins, 1up donuts.

Bar with beer cooler plates on bar and tables so drink is always fresh.
Laser pong tables in middle of room. Hologram above table shows points and fireworks for winner at end of game.

Place where sell enviro friendly packaging at wholesale price and recycle, reuse packaging so people don’t have to, no waste. Organized disposing, less people buying products with wasteful, pollution-creating wrappings.