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Broken bottles and bitter spate
Bored couples watching each other masticate
Chomping down on Caesar’s plate
Bowser bruiser monster date
Wine cooler and wifebeaters
Petty thieves and paper chasers
Money million milling on
Ms. Mary Mack hack attack
Haters multiplying bric-a- brac
Builder defender who surrenders
Awkward hugs and frail tenders
Feminine chic sheik sleek meek
Fossy bossy sorority
Drunk crunk fraternity
Future stock disparity
Bobble-headed majority
Acid bitter minority
Gimme shelter gimme talent
Wide world out of balance
Def poets trying parlance
Shouted out by market currents
TNA and corporate shills
Lookin for those green bills
Lookin out for number one
Hit the spot for that number one
Rotate the track till number one

Try to tell him time in stitch
All he does is jock itch
Troubled teen aggro
Hipster clipper fakin the flow
Grey boy tryin to make a go
Fetal alcohol syndro
Medicate with hydro
BC bud on his tongue
Georgia on my mind
Falling class falling behind
Embarrassed Prince too kind
Take him for a naive fool
Kids can always be so cruel
Tugging sweater face in mud
Master Chief without the HUD
MC in middle class hood
Emcee til he gets good
Noah’s arc he brings the flood
Dre dreams and beats sleep
All his life he Mobb Deep
Just a lamb for those Bo Peep
Following waterfalls so I creep
Not sure how to talk again
Never easy with children
Stubborn like me it happens
Regretting no adoption
Too late for abortion
Stick it out cuz we all kin
Nuthin in this world but him

Post it
Post too much too much
Can’t stop the words full throttle clutch
Clutch head clutch heart I do cluck cluck
Semi easy-going when high as fuck
Not even stimulants or heavy barbiturates
Steady as she goes just for the hell of it
Raised in black but painted white stripes
Imma true believer hunting snipes
Attention hyper Canuck sniper
Great white north but I feel outsider
Brown skin sore thumb
My people aren’t downtown
Closed in by white crowd simmer down
Feeling boxed in claustrophobic now
Breathing hard in shallow crowds
Nervous sweaty way too loud
Old man I run scared
Welcome to the new nightmare
Can’t take this crown affair
Doubting Tom in daycare
Day cares melt away into nervous noon
Breakdown feel the loon
Staring eyes burn so deep
Judgement hard I feel a freak
I feel freak come out me
Coming out by getting balls deep
So I sow so I reap
Grim scythe on that quantum leap