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Rosary beads and crucifix necklace
Wearing dogma and articles of faith
Poured into heads of little children
Drowning in pressure of the tribal kin
Big mentality cultural identity
Belief takes over on fringe society
Beholden to an idol everywhere vicinity
They make the rules that govern you and me
Want some good things but also control
Strict population, owning your birth control
Remote obedience, televised control
Power struggles, holy war, outta control
Ignorant misogynists, pathetic dogmatists
Volunteer and assist
kind people preaching bliss
Confusing philosophy, fairweather accomplice
Good sinners good Acts
Just can’t accept Leviticus
Homo hate and prejudice
Preach love preach hate
Jury’s out can’t keep it straight
Ironic existence, inner turmoil precedent
Agnostic populace lying for the peer stress
Can’t admit their ignorance
Awe and wonder cosmos
Beliefs take the forefront
Alter judgement altar justice
Free will, bondage life
Orthodox paradox
Jihad been had
Secular struggle bad
Baathist douse the flames
Fire burn all the same
Rising heat scorches Earth
Every move rendered inert
Buy salvation, millennia abrasion
Branded tribes religulous nation
Faithless faulted for sinful nation
Fearful war hungry
Tearful torn country
Paying price for freedoms won already