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Why is it people on the outside are blamed for the ebb and flow of society? Why are immigrants the cause and effect of society’s ills? These blamers see the system as being changed not by the forces of natural growth and expansion but by outside influence, the immigrants and minorities that look for acceptance and a place in the culture just like immigrants of the past that made the country what it is. Did people blame the Irish railroad workers for their lower pay, or the Italians for higher housing prices? I am sick of hearing white people throw the onus of an evolving, transformative society on minorities and recent immigrants. The “they” that supposedly create fractures in society and affect the job market and prices. This senseless ideology that blinds most men to the realities of progression and the need for constant change. Life is a constant flux doncha know.

Maybe the people who are already here are an issue as well. Maybe the dominant group is to blame fully or partly for the shape of things. White Canadians could be taken to task for the inappropriate and wrongheaded actions of different institutions and organizations. In conversation someone blamed minorities for the abuse of police power exhibited on a news stain report. These ill-trained (as if it is their fault they weren’t properly trained) officers hurting and arresting a black man and not following procedure are the minorities messing things up. Why aren’t caucasians taken into account in these circumstances. Plenty of white cops abuse their power and recent events show that they are responsible for numerous deaths of black men. The facts stand for themselves but when you take the white man to task everyone gets all huffy. “You can’t say that,” “that’s reverse racism” and the like. White people (sorry to generalize) do not like the shoe on the other foot and presumably are not used to it in North America like minorities are. We get the shaft, we get mocked and ridiculed and used as examples for the deleterious decisions of business and politics. How is it our fault if new immigrants work for less to make it in society. People are looking for a chance in, you get nowhere by yourself someone has to give you a chance and you take it. The companies and corporations are making that wage decision and new immigrants have little to no options because that’s how our society works, you don’t start high up even when you have degrees.

How many veterinarians and doctors I’ve worked with who couldn’t match Canada’s so called high standards and get accredited without going back to school and paying all that money. They cannot work in their field due to these patronizing restrictions. And the conservative types repeat the record; immigrants are the problem, minorities are the issue. They think themselves and their ilk are what keeps the country going, the province holds up by their hands and will. This egocentric, western-centric, xenophobic bullshit has had its day and should be shot. A real master stroke with a katana to the neck. There is no growth with stagnation. The world body needs new blood. The old ways are cancerous and immigrants made this country, renew these cells, medicate the wounds of time. And education is the most necessary of all endeavours. We need trained and educated people no matter where they are from. This is a fundamental, we can’t bitch and complain about taxes all the time. The immediate future has prerequisites and we just have to grin and bear the onslaught. The golden generation sacrificed, so should we.