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I am the very nexus of a neoliberal nerdowell.
I say do what you please as long as you don’t kill.
I geek on stuff my passion cannot quell.
And if my predilection is too much for the common swell.
I’ll find my tribe on the intertubes.

I find my comfort in quantum mechanics and mathematicals.
I loop myself in string theory and big quadrangles.
I sit in four dimensions playing with the hexacube.
And when I’m done I spend hours on Youtube.

Anime and fantasy are my guilty escapism.
I long for the world without any racism.
Where all the living things are free to live.
And it’s not so hard to do the biological imperative.

I squeal at discoveries of scientific experiments.
Sagan, Hawking, Tyson I love all the theorists.
And my goal is to study the firmaments.
Cosmology is the makeup of the universe.
I spend my time writing fanfic of the multiverse.
And if I miss the socializing maybe that is just the nerd’s curse.
If anything I am left wanting for another verse.

I’m happy with my interests and my pastimes thankfully.
It fills me with joy and life so gleefully.
And if this song fills you with jealousy.
Then change your tune and come join me.