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I may need an injection to fix this splotch complexion. Sunny side up browned skin soaking rays aplenty. Burning hot gas planet scorched earth living color. Tanning hides in blistering chapped sunspots; effortlessly wrangling dark meat rotisserie; third degree pain platter shining verily merrily. Crispy bacon flaking off melted skull diggery, Dali visage leaking still life.

Horrible horticulture dotting continental maps; pointillism cartography for braille readers. Ray ban Charles swaying to invisible flows caressing sticky wick hairs on his chinny chin chin. Twisted Manson tourniquet fa la laing along pirouettes gothica. Trailing vapors ectoplasmic following, turgid crawly long nails unfurling upwards sky high. Redman the method of inhalation station. Devil skin hides the white corruption. Switch that metaphor, black is beautiful, black matters. Color me gone.