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Happy? Can be? You can. You be happy. You can be happy.
You can be happy.
Let yourself feel that.
No wallowing mire. Deserve happy.
Stop twisting chink in armor.
Big hole big bruise.
Blush blue black pallid pain.
Of tormented trysts of demented absentia.
Corrupted faces augur fearful retreats.
Afraid of the Ward.
Pale blue walls of hellish waking dead nightmares.
Repeats of accosted urging purging.
Lemming red glow demons trailing forth the sullen bane.
Sad face poster boy trading knacks for chinks.
Lily livered loser leaking creaking winces.
Stabbing walls westward.
Jabbing pounding head in dull beat hours, late night attacks.
Dummy dribble snack pack pudding on the ritz.
Sugar canes and berry tort top hats.
Chocolate dreams, paralyze lullabies.
Songs for the deaf def.
Eye nightly news terrible truths mangled misinformation station.
Just another tambourine man whisperings in my ears.
Promises and keepsakes wrapped around naped necks.
Raspy lips pucker deadly quips and patient lies.
Lies, lies, no more videotape.
Tex mex sex and gringo thumbdrives.
Rice and beans jalapeno cream.
Cropped pics and leather licks bound sticks.
One horse neighborhood naysaying day.
Roger dodger buck duck pity fuck.
Pity me no likely like me.
Sucky sucky pipe dreams.
Sticky icky vapor central.
Crazy town melt down in reefer lounge.
Rife for punishment glutton admonishment.
Mutton chop sentiment life repentant.
Twisted words with scattered logic.
Bastard coated bastards feeding off parasitic entanglements.
Funeral words spread eagle ashes.
Ping pin up and network caches.