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Gettin all jippy gung ho about starting that project, that life-changing book, the devil’s procrastination slayed for a day or two. But settle in for old ways to come thundering back again, full force major wind blowing up my frilly thrilly skirt. Oh do I blush and curtsy to the winds of time, the fruits of mana, congealed gloss lips sucking succor off cherry stems. Where’s my head at. Sex, sex, drugs, broken mugs and thugs. Thuggie thuggie smash em up, uncouth youth drag em thru the mud, no time to finish, speed man flashing thru the mire, parading fancy naked no more fancy pants for me. Docker khakis no zip slip stainproof expenses, rich man poor man offences, bottled up proletariat anger. Venom for the asses. Back-end asps Slytherin slyly. Coiling tight round bubble heads poppin fresh delicacies. Mindful chomps and chews of saving grace muffins, namaste o fortuna playing me sideways, thankfully.

Get up stand up, desiring for the life. Wishful thinking, supper drinking, cheese monkeys forever beating gleaming white elephant’s bones on tangerine dream xylophonic spree. Coptic optic desert screed, papyrus scrolls deliver us from eva, sativa, breath bating reefer. Open minds decipher coded language, holy words wrapped in pragmatism so nicely. Utilitarianism the dirty word but degrees are wisdom of the bright children, no more extremism, fetishism, ideologue rantism. Talking heads blather past Dan Rather, rather heart spoken hues than makeup and cues, cards scripted teleplays of mass machine news flickering in the background, on the cave walls; fire fire burning bright. Why so serious? Judgement and beats mixed with poverty treats. Slap dash monster mash squealing pigs in ma head. Sugar, fat and swiss rolls in ma belly. Pacman eat em up, digesting pellets from the arcade fire, heaven’s heat furnace fiery flames flaring justice; take me judge me, critical etiquette, so used to it. Self-abasement in parent’s basement, rapping nonchalance at disability patience. Crumplestilskin folding unto himself.

Mini man mini calm, walking round with pocket moms. Nothing nice to say keep lids shuts, eyes wide open Kubrick must. Chiaroscuro blades and staccato cuts, artful dodger, thieving magpie industry. 140 million price tag for fallen brilliance. Exaggerated appreciation for dried acrylics. Oils spoil and water rots. Perishing forget me nots.